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I’m Dagny Evans. I’m currently Director, Professional Services at E2Open, and a DC woman in tech. I have over 20 years experience in running data integration projects across e-commerce, telecommunication, legal and consumer product goods industries. I thrive on solving complex data problems and enjoy my position managing large data integration projects for some of the worlds’ top brands.

For more than 10 of them, I’ve worked from home (and no, those aren’t dirty words). This has enabled me to participate in my girls’ lives and pursue other hobbies. I love to read enough that I try to keep you updated on the current business book du jour and have posted some of those books on my Reading List. I regularly cook dinners for my family, and our house is considered a gathering place for all our friends and family. I try to stay grounded by a daily yoga practice.

I have had the pleasure of spending my entire career in DC, watching the start up tech community grow and thrive. This ecosystem has allowed me to be on the forefront of technology like e-commerce and data analytics. I have also been an active contributor to growing multiple businesses to their separate exits. Each diverse industry and role has taught me something about business, and about myself. Throughout all this, I’ve been participated in DC Web Women, DC Tech Meetups, STEM for Her and Women in Technology.

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